Close Up Mentalism

Do you wish to offer your guests an extraordinary experience that is both elegant and unique?

Luca Volpe is acclaimed as the "Top Worldwide Luxury Performer" for his inimitable and stylish approach to presenting close-up mentalism.

His exclusive performances have made him the most sought-after artist by prominent figures in politics and show business, who have chosen him to entertain their guests at private events aboard luxurious yachts in breathtaking locations such as Portofino and the French Riviera.

Luca Volpe's artistry unfolds in "mini shows" performed directly at the tables, captivating guests with mesmerizing mentalism acts. A refined and engaging experience, ideal for corporate conventions, hotels, gala dinners, and special events.
Choose Luca Volpe to add a touch of class and magic to your event, offering your guests an unforgettable experience.

Perfect for corporate shows, private events and luxury parties