Corporate Shows

If you are planning a corporate events, a big conference or trade show, Luca Volpe can create something unique that your clients will never forget.

There are many advantages to booking a mentalism act for corporate entertainment, especially if your company wants to pursue a wow factor.

Mentalism is new and fresh, it is a form of entertainment that most people won't have experienced live before which makes it unique and impressive to guests. The audience witness truly incredible effects that are impossible to explain and are left with a memorable experience that ensures the event is talked about long after it is over. That is why Luca Volpe is one of the most requested mentalists for corporate events all around the world.

Why not speak to Luca about how he can incorporate your logo or company message into his show? An assured way to get clients talking about and remembering your business.

Luca Volpe is the only mentalist that can offer a total tailor made experience for your company.
From the creation of interactive experiments using maxi screens, to special presentations which help to expand the business client base. The presentation will assist the company in conveying and emphasising its messages.

Other important features:

  • Help the audience remember the company's marketing message.
  • Enable the audience to remember the technical aspects of new products.
  • Focus attention on any message the company wants to drive home to the audience.
  • A fun and unconventional way of getting across a message.

It is also possible to create special merchandise incorporating a company logo or message, that will be used for experiments during the show, this will further help implant in people's mind the product or company message.

Luca Volpe is always ready to interact with members of the team before each presentation, therefore guarenteeing the perfect outcome of the event.