The Show

Luca Volpe's live mentalism show is unique, original and extremely entertaining, a one-of-a-kind show in which the audience become the protagonist.

Throughout the show Luca blends different skills that involve body language, memory techniques and psychological subtleties that gives the feeling to possess a kind of sixth sense, in order to create unforgettable experiences.

"In my Mind" is a live show that combines different "illusions of the mind" including bending metal objects in the hands of spectators with only the power of the mind and making incredible predictions that leave the audience asking "how is that possible?".

Luca also reads spectator's minds and involves them in a hilarious mind game to discover who is a telling the truth and who is not.

This show is available in different formats and durations depending on the needs of your clients. It can be customized to the needs of the event, thus creating a special, personalized effect. For cruise ships the show is also available in "fly-on" format in which all props fit into only two suitcases. For international clients the show is available in fluent English, Italian and Spanish.

If you want to promote the image of your product or company and entertain your guests with something unique and spectacular, then Luca Volpe's live show is the right choice for you.

"Absolutely fantastic! A class act!"
Frank Castiglione, Cruise Director Princess Cruises

Virtual Mentalism Show

E-Mentalism, the world’s first virtual mind reading show

Luca Volpe is the first mentalist in Italy to have created a virtual show that he presented for large companies such as: SNAPCHAT, PFIZER, BANCA SELLA, AVIVA, GALAPAGOS, ACCENTURE, RIPPLE, ZERTO, ESRI, PERRIGO and many more.

The show "E-MENTALISM" has a duration of thirty minutes, can be performed for 1 to 500 people who can participate live in impossible mental demonstrations from anywhere in the world! The demonstrations include: thought reading, impossible predictions and persuasion techniques, where the mentalist will be able to influence the spectator's choices! The show can be requested by groups of people or by a single person, who may be alone at home and bored watching TV!

Imagine what it would be like to have the luxury of having an international performer "on demand"... the theatre coming to your home!

A show that marks the future of entertainment, in fact it can be requested for : Meeting Calls, Home Parties, Online Corporate Events and much more!

The show is available in Italian and English.

"Luca was the main act for our virtual christmas party. His appearance was just awesome: surprising, funny, entertaining all at once! Highly recommended for physical and virtual team events of all kinds. Thanks for being part of our event, Luca!"

Jan Bechler, CEO Finc3 Marketing Group

"We had a team event, Luca Volpe E-Mentalism. It was fantastic. Slick, professional and thoroughly enjoyable. I would recommend it for a team event."

-Peter Flynn, Esri UK

"We had Luca Volpe the E-mentalist who astounded us with how he read our minds! The team was completely engaged and everyone really enjoyed the event.
The platform (Zoom) was open for us to use beforehand so the team got time to chat before the fun!"
I'm still trying to figure out how this was done!

-Mark Collins, Ripple