The Show

Luca Volpe's live mentalism show is unique, original and extremely entertaining, a one-of-a-kind show in which the audience become the protagonist.

Throughout the show Luca blends different skills that involve body language, memory techniques and psychological subtleties that gives the feeling to possess a kind of sixth sense, in order to create unforgettable experiences.

"In my Mind" is a live show that combines different "illusions of the mind" including bending metal objects in the hands of spectators with only the power of the mind and making incredible predictions that leave the audience asking "how is that possible?".

Luca also reads spectator's minds and involves them in a hilarious mind game to discover who is a telling the truth and who is not.

This show is available in different formats and durations depending on the needs of your clients. It can be customized to the needs of the event, thus creating a special, personalized effect. For cruise ships the show is also available in "fly-on" format in which all props fit into only two suitcases. For international clients the show is available in fluent English, Italian and Spanish.

If you want to promote the image of your product or company and entertain your guests with something unique and spectacular, then Luca Volpe's live show is the right choice for you.

"Absolutely fantastic! A class act!"
Frank Castiglione, Cruise Director Princess Cruises