Luca Volpe is also available to give lectures and workshops for professional mentalist and psychic entertainers.

Luca Volpe's lecture is the presentation of stage and close-up routines from his professional repertoire, which have been tested in hundreds of performances on live audiences from all around the world.

At the end of the lecture, there will be the opportunity to purchase some of Luca Volpe's latest creations.

For a complete list of Luca Volpe's publications:
Mentalist World

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David Weeks

The Magic Circle London

“Luca is disarmingly engaging as he manages to create unbelievable events without apparently doing anything tricky.
Entertaining with effects that have worked and will work for you in commercial performing events. A busy night at the The Magic Circle for Luca Volpe's lecture resulted in a theatre full of happy magicians”

Mentalism Consulting Program

Mentalism Consulting Program Skype Webinar Download Program PDF

Steve Drury

Co-Founder of PSYCRETS, British Society of Mystery Entertainers

“This program takes in his wide experience of the industry internationally from private events to cruise ship work, stage to corporate, television and radio, plus with a strong team behind him he can truly deliver a quality of service and tailored consultation where others may resort to outsourcing”

Luca Volpe Productions - Video and Consulting Service

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Kris Kon

International Perfomer

“I have for a very long time wanted to change my character, image and website. I talked with Luca Volpe production about it and there's only one thing to say: Wow! From the very first chat, to even days after the products was launched, the team have been 100% professional.
I will highly recommend them. Are you an artist, whatever you do, use Luca Volpe Production. You will never regret."